Many Districts on the OER-Vendor Fence

In our recent EdMarketer 2017 survey we asked district leaders to indicate whether goals listed could be met best by curriculum provided by education companies, by OERs, or if there was no difference.

A few observations:

  • Among the place district leaders think vendor curriculum is better, there are a number of issues that we know that they care about: teacher subject matter expertise and mastery of curriculum, standards alignment, and support of students with disabilities and ELLs. District Leaders are inclined to believe vendors are better in these areas, so play to your strengths.
  • For areas such as saving time, consistent curriculum, and interoperability, find ways to show them how improvement in these areas will help them address their biggest challenge of scaling best practice instruction.

Another big part of the story is that many District Leaders don’t have an opinion. Although a high number of District Leaders think OERs are better than education company curriculum for improving achievement, nearly half of respondents haven’t made up their mind.

As a content provider, it’s an opportunity to win a big part of the market. To download the data insight on OER-Vendor Perceptions, CLICK HERE.


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