Present Yourself as a Solution to the Issues District Leaders are Looking to Solve

Education Week special reports present a unique advertising opportunity as we can customize a number of different campaigns around a special report topic, based on your marketing needs.

Position your company as a thought leader and brand yourself as the “go-to” resource for district leaders. See what topics we will be covering this year in the 2018-2019 Special Report Editorial Calendar.

Additionally, over the past year Education Week has engaged in an initiative to better understand and serve our audience. As a part of that work, we surveyed a random sample of K-12 technology leaders. We asked them how they prioritize their work, what their purchasing process is, what level of influence they have, and much more.

Then, we took the survey results and used them to identify three topics we will explore in a special online-exclusive series; breaking down tech silos to improve classroom learning, cyber security concerns, and the biggest challenges for K-12 CTOs.

These reports provide you a unique opportunity to align your brand with areas of technology that are critically important for K-12 districts.

Learn more about sponsorship & advertising opportunities in these reports here.