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In the past 35 years, Education Week has established premium, trusted content (many readers pay to read us, including the U.S. Department of Education), with a premier audience, and proven engagement with those that are actively influencing purchasing decisions in districts across the nation.

Each month, we deliver 1,100,000 unique visitors, 2 million page views, and more than 500,000 Twitter followers that are growing by the thousands each week.

Site searches through our website reveal key concerns in districts across the nation. And continuing today, education leaders come to us every day to help do their jobs well.

Your Marketing Reach

  • 700,000+ Registered users
  • 1.1 Million Unique visitors per month
  • >2.3 million Page views per month
  • 220,000 Daily EdWeek Update e-newsletter sends
  • 27,000+ Print Circulation
  • 5 million Advertising impressions per month
  • 475,000+ Site searches last 12 months
  • 52,000 Webinar registrants in the last 12 months

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