One Possible Lens for Choosing a K-12 Media Partner

We recognize that you have choices when choosing a media partner. We have heard from many of our clients that they want to work with:

District Leaders, Facility Leaders, Teachers, Technology Leaders

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From our savvier clients, we hear that a trusted brand to support their marketing is an important element to their decision making, and most importantly, a partner for branding, leads, and accelerating revenue goals.

Education Week’s standard setting editorial quality and audience has allowed us to remain the market leader in K-12 American education news for the past 31 years.

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WEBINAR: Breaking Through: Insight Into District Buyer Decisions

Drawing upon a recent survey of nearly 1,900 school district leaders, education company marketing executives, sales leaders, and sales teams will gain deeper understanding of district leaders’ buyer processes. Education Week Marketing’s survey, “Breaking Through: Insight Into District Buyer Decisions,” asked district administrators across the nation to provide valuable insights into their vendor selection processes.

Insights you will gain from our findings include:

• Who to target (i.e., who are the “true” purchasing influencers?)
• Key marketing messages to grab district leaders’ attention
• Top challenges district leaders are facing today
• What they want from their vendors and solutions
• Major milestones in their purchasing cycles
• Platforms used to gather information about vendors
• Valuemetric perspectives on pricing, quality, and brands

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities district leaders face when choosing a vendor, watch our discussion on key findings, watch the on-demand webinar HERE.